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Top 7 Best Finance and Crypto Ad Network

When it comes to finance and crypto ad network platforms, several platforms stand out in terms of their features, reach and reliability. In this article, I will mention and discuss the 3 best of the finance and crypto ad networks and their benefits in details.

1. Coinzilla

Coinzilla is a popular cryptocurrency and finance-focused ad network. It offers various ad formats such as display banners, native ads, pop-under ads and sponsored articles. Coinzilla provides advertisers with precise targeting options that allow them to reach their desired audience effectively.

They have a vast publisher network that covers numerous crypto and finance-related websites, blogs and forums which ensures broad exposure for advertisers.

Coinzilla provides transparent reporting and real-time statistics which enables advertisers to track the performance of their campaigns. They also offer advanced anti-fraud measures and dedicated account managers to assist advertisers.

2. CoinTraffic

CoinTraffic is a leading crypto-focused ad network that offers a wide range of advertising solutions. They provide display banners, video ads, native ads and sponsored content opportunities.

CoinTraffic has an extensive network of publishers including popular cryptocurrency websites, news portals and industry blogs. Their platform allows advertisers to target specific geographies and demographics to reach their desired audience effectively.

CoinTraffic also provides detailed analytics and reporting that give advertisers insights into their campaign performance. They prioritize security and offer advanced fraud detection mechanisms to ensure high-quality traffic.

3. Adsterra

While not exclusively focused on finance and crypto, Adsterra is a well-established ad network that offers comprehensive advertising solutions across various industries including finance and cryptocurrency.

They provide a range of ad formats such as display banners, pop-unders, push notifications and native ads. Adsterra has a vast publisher network that spans across different verticals enabling advertisers to reach a diverse audience.

Their targeting options allow advertisers to refine their campaigns based on specific parameters such as geography, device type and interests. Adsterra offers real-time statistics and comprehensive reporting to monitor campaign performance. They have a dedicated support team to assist advertisers throughout the process.4.

4. Coin.Network

Coin.Network, an advanced platform revolutionizing crypto campaigns. Backed by BuySellAds, a renowned privacy-oriented advertising platform, Coin.Network offers a highly curated selection of partner sites that generate over 1 billion monthly impressions and engage more than 50 million active users.

With Coin.Network, advertisers gain access to a range of ad formats, including Display and Native Ads. Additionally, they can leverage the expertise of Coin.Network’s performance marketing specialists, who optimize campaigns to reach relevant audiences effectively.

Key Features:

• Comprehensive management suite for seamless campaign control
• Precise targeting based on location, interests, and industry
• Emphasis on privacy and contextual advertising
• Flexible ad formats: Native and Display
• Exclusive exposure on top-tier crypto websites
• Accepts multiple payment options, including fiat (USD), BTC, ETH, LTC, and other cryptocurrencies

Budget Requirement: Minimum investment of $5,000 for Self-Serve Campaigns


• Backed by BuySellAds, a leading authority in CPM and CPC advertising
• Carefully curated publishers ensuring high-quality placements
• Impressive monthly traffic and impressions for optimal reach
• Non-disruptive ad experiences for users


• Relatively high minimum budget for self-serve campaigns
• Limited selection of crypto websites to choose from.

5. Adshares

Adshares stands out as a unique cryptocurrency ad network, setting itself apart from Google AdSense. Rather than functioning through a centralized model, Adshares operates as a decentralized platform that directly connects publishers and advertisers.

This direct connection eliminates the need for intermediaries, enabling both parties to engage in deals without any middlemen. Adshares empowers advertisers to access programmatic ads across various platforms such as the metaverse, games, AR/VR, mobile apps, and websites. Furthermore, it offers publishers the opportunity to monetize any digital space.

One of Adshares’ key offerings is its open-source Software Development Kit (SDK), which allows developers to seamlessly integrate the entire blockchain ecosystem into their ad campaigns. This integration ensures transparency throughout the process and helps eliminate fraudulent activities that have plagued the advertising industry.

Key Features:

• Low fees facilitated by the open ecosystem
• Decentralized ad servers
• Instant payments from advertisers to publishers
• Censorship-free environment
• Real-Time Settlement instead of Bidding


• Facilitates direct transactions between publishers and advertisers
• Enhanced transparency features minimize the risk of fraud
• Accessible to small advertisers with limited budgets


• Requires individual transactions with publishers

6. Bitmedia

Bitmedia is a crypto ad network based in London, that effectively connects with over 20 million global audiences each month, generating an impressive 1 billion impressions for their advertisers. By leveraging the power of AI, Bitmedia ensures that users are presented with ads that are relevant to their interests and continuously refines their ad-serving algorithm based on user behavior.

Bitmedia offers a diverse range of ad types, including rich media, HTML5 ads, and display ads, providing crypto advertisers with a wide selection to suit their preferences. Advertisers and publishers undergo a thorough screening process to guarantee quality standards on both sides.

Additionally, Bitmedia supports a price floor option, enabling publishers to opt-in for high-paying ads that are most relevant to their customers. Advertisers should take note of this feature while bidding to attract high-volume websites.

Key Features:

• Flexible pricing models: Choose between cost per click (CPC) or cost per thousand impressions (CPM).
• Strong geotargeting: Majority of traffic originates from the US, Canada, and European countries.
• Targeting options: Geo, device, timing, and frequency targeting capabilities.
• Round-the-clock support: Dedicated support team available at all times.
• Quick and easy setup: Hassle-free and efficient onboarding process.
• Intuitive ad interface: User-friendly interface for effortless ad management.

Budget: No minimum deposit | Minimum bid: 0.0000205 BTC


• Extensive network of high-quality crypto-related websites.
• Wide range of ad types available.
• Attracts high-quality publishers due to competitive payouts.
• Robust verification and security system to safeguard advertisers against fraud, bots, and paid traffic.


• Limited payment options restricted to Bitcoin and fiat currencies.

7. CoinAd

CoinAd is an exclusive crypto ad network operating under strict guidelines. Only carefully selected publishers receive invitations to join this elite platform. CoinAd ensures that it partners with the finest crypto websites, boasting a minimum of 100,000 daily page impressions. This invitation is simply irresistible.

CoinAd empowers reputable crypto websites to maximize their earnings by leveraging their expertise. Advertisers can confidently expect targeted and relevant traffic to their ads, guaranteed by CoinAd’s meticulous selection process.

Setting itself apart from other platforms, CoinAd does not engage in auctioning advertising bids. Instead, it provides equal opportunities to all advertisers, granting their banners exposure throughout the day. Furthermore, CoinAd offers a convenient marketplace where advertisers can choose the ideal banner and news distribution packages tailored to their specific requirements.

Key Features:

• Diverse range of ad formats
• Self-service and customizable ads
• Flexible CPC and CPM ad models
• PR story distribution services

Budget: Packages begin at $100, with a minimum daily budget of $5.


• Consistent return on investment facilitated by high-quality publishers
• Cost-effective ad campaigns


• Limited selection of publishers available

It’s important to note that the performance and suitability of an ad network can vary based on individual requirements and goals. It’s recommended to thoroughly research each network, consider their reach and targeting capabilities and evaluate their pricing structure before deciding on the most suitable option for your finance and crypto advertising needs. Now, read the amazing benefits of crypto ad networks and how finance and crypto ad networks operate.

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