February 2, 2023


Almost 29 years after his father went to the great beyond, not a single monument in Ibadanland was named after him. Oba Yesufu Oloyede Asanike 1, from Idi-Aro area in Ibadan became Paramount Ruler of Ibadanland in february 4th 1983 when he was crowned as the 37th Olubadan of Ibadan Land.

He was on the throne of the Obaship until 25 December 1993 when he went to join his ancestors. Oba  Asanike 1 ruled for 10 years, 10 months plus and it was an eventful and memorable reign.The monarch was loved by all and sundry, particularly for his jovial attitude to life. The great Olubadan was very humorous and very dedicated to the growth of Ibadanland.

Many social amenities and infrastructure were built during the reign of the amiable Oba.Also, it will continue to be in history that it was during the reign of Oba Asanike 1 that the number of local governments in ibadanland was brought to five later to eleven.According to one of the sons of the late monarch, Prince Ibrahim Oloyede Asanike “

It’s a pain in us children that our father till date is never accorded a befitting honour in form of renaming a monument after his demise. Not even a post humorous award is bestowed on him which is quite disappointing on the part of both the Oyo state government and the federal government” He spoke further, Oba Asanike, my dad, was the most popular Olubadan ever produced in Ibadanland. You too can conduct a poll on it and you will see the fact he concludes.In 1989 the new Dugbe Market was named Oba Abass Alesinloye Market by the then Military Governor of the old Oyo state, Colonel Sasaenia Adedeji Oresanya. And commission by Oba Yesufu Oloyede Asanike 1

It had earlier been clamored for in the past that the Agbeni Ogunpa Market, Gbagi Market or Bodija Market and some schools in Ibadan land should be renamed Oba Yesufu Oloyede Asanike just to immortalize the name of the late monarch but up till today  nothing has been done about the immobilization. 

He now use this opportunity as today 29 years remembrance of his dad and again the 55th birthday of our dear governor to beg the Oyo state government under the leadership of the people’s governor Engr Oluwaseyi Abiodun Makinde

Long life to Ibadan land

Long life to Oyo state

Long life to Nigeria

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