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Best 13 Business Ideas For Undergraduates

Are you an undergraduate student looking to start a business that involves little or no investments while you are in school? Worry no more; I have listed 13 lucrative small business ideas for undergraduates to start in your campus. One of the most underrated financial support systems that any student can build for themselves is starting a business as an undergraduate in school.

Most undergraduate come up with the excuse that school activities are very demanding does not give students time to do other things even when they are willing to do. No matter the excuses any undergraduate student may have, the truth remains that every student have enough time to engage in other activities such as starting up a small business for themselves.

There are so many benefits of doing business as an undergraduate student in school. It is one of the many ways to prepare a student for the world of work or entrepreneurship. Students who engage in some business activities during their academic career have more experience and are better prepared than their colleagues.

Best 13 Business Ideas For Undergraduates:

1. Delivery Service

Starting your own delivery service is just another profitable business idea for undergraduates; it is one of the many ways to make money from walking. If you’ve got a bike (or even a car) you should be able to complete each order a lot quicker.

Evenings and weekends are the ideal time to deliver McDonald’s and beer combos, while in the mornings you could bring people their coffees, newspapers or train tickets.

2. Sell Popular Graphics and Icons

Assuming you’ve not got the skills to design them yourself (if you do, this one is pure profit for you), pay a flat rate to a freelance graphic designer to create popular web graphics or icons.

Then head to a marketplace, like GraphicRiver, and sell them for a recurring income. You may need to sell a few copies before you break even, but once you do, it’s all profit from there on out.

3. Film Screening Club

Film screening club is another part-time business idea for undergraduates. Got access to a church hall, or a bar that could do with a few more punters on a quiet night of the week? How about a lecture hall (a.k.a. a glorified cinema)?

Arrange to show a film on the big screen (bonus points if the venue already has a projector) and sell tickets to your friends, course-mates and family.

4. Pet Sitting

Another very good and comfortable part time business idea for undergraduates is pet sitting; all of the above business ideas are worth trying, but how will you fell getting paid to hang out with animals?

From busy workers who are out during the daytime, to families going abroad for a couple of weeks, plenty of people are willing to pay someone back home to look after their beloved pets. Even if it is just to walk the dog for an hour or thereabout daily.

5. CDs into MP3s Conversion

This is more likely to be one you can use on your parents or grandparents rather than people your own age (although don’t rule it out!). But if you find someone willing to pay, don’t let age get in the way.

As long as your computer has a disc drive, you can copy the songs off the CDs and onto your PC (this guide explains how to do it, but it’s actually very simple).

Then it’s just a case of dragging and dropping the songs over to whatever device your paying customer would like to listen on.

6. Accommodation Reviews Website

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, setting up your own website is so easy. But finding somewhere nice to live at university often isn’t. So do your fellow undergraduates a massive favor by starting a review site for accommodation in the area.

7. Skype Language Course

Are you bilingual? If so, you could be making some serious cash from something that probably seems completely natural to you.

There are loads of ways to make money from your language skills, but one of the best and easiest is to offer language classes over Zoom or Skype. That way, you can sell your services to people all around the world without ever leaving your room!

8. Professional Finder

Another business idea for undergraduates is becoming a professional finder. You can use these skills, as well as the internet and some local contacts, to help people track down the impossible.

We’re talking irreplaceable possessions that they’ve lost, or extremely hard-to-find items that they’d like to buy. All for a small fee, of course.

9. Business Ideas For Undergraduates: Resume Writing

You may see writing resumes as a simple task, but most people often find it very hard to talk themselves up. If you’ve had success getting a lot of interest from great companies based on your resume, offer your services to others.

You can help them ensure their resumes shine a light on their accomplishments and the value they have to provide companies, in a way that speaks to recruiters.

Similarly, you can offer LinkedIn profile writing services, as many recruiters look for potential employees on this professional social network.

10. Business Ideas For Undergraduates: Food Hampers

Parents of undergraduates will always be concerned about what their children are eating. They can worry a little less once they’ve sent them one of your hampers.

Aim to fill it with undergraduate essentials like long-life foods (pasta, rice, baked beans etc.) plus some healthy stuff that they’re probably not getting enough of.

11. Speed Dating Nights

Dating apps are all well and good, but nothing quite beats meeting someone in the real world. So, for undergraduates looking for a slightly less virtual matchmaking service, organize a speed dating night and charge a small fee for entry.

12. Transcription Service for Lectures

Not that we’d encourage people not to turn up to lectures, but rarely will a class ever has 100% attendance. So, as the lecture slides often lack a bit of context, offer to transcribe the lecturer’s words and sell them to the absentees.

Heck, sell them to the people who turned up, too – they’ll be the best lecture notes anyone’s ever taken. Or, if you’ve got some graphic design skills, why not offer to produce some handouts for your tutors?

13. Business Ideas For Undergraduates: Swapping Sites

Clothes, services, bikes, books – people are always looking to borrow all of these and more. The last part-time business ideas for undergraduates is swapping site is a great small business idea to help match those wanting to borrow something with those who have something to offer. Or maybe one that matches undergraduates who want to see the UK with those who live in other towns.

In conclusion:

I am very certain that the above listed 13 lucrative part time business ideas for undergraduates in 2023 is an eye opener to you, get down to business, lay your hands on any of them and you shall become financially stable as an undergraduate. Here are 12 business ideas for retirees that require little or no investment.

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