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8 Best Get Paid to Go On Dates Websites

Have you been trying to make money online by getting hooked-up with rich women and get paid to go on dates? In this article, I shall be listing top 8 best companies that can help you get paid to date a rich woman.

8 Best Get Paid to Go On Dates Platforms

Luckily, we have got 10 great sites here that you can use, and we’ll go over each one, and why they work for you.

1. What’s Your Price?

The first on my list of 10 platforms for getting hooked-up with rich women and get paid to go on dates is Whatsyourprice. This is an auction site that can help you get paid to go on dates with rich people.

While the average bid is $125, if you find some really rich people, they are on there and they’re usually also willing to cover the date as well.

This is also one that has some pretty high results, so you’re probably going to luck out a lot better here than say Tinder and whatnot. Click here to visit whatsyourprice website.

2. Ohlala

Ohlala is the second on my list of 10 platforms for getting hooked-up with rich women and get paid to go on dates. This is a “dating app empowering female users” which means that you’re probably going to find people who are willing to put the initiative there.

That also includes women who will probably pay for the first date and then some.

If you’re fine with letting the women take charge, this is good.

They also can choose the date requests too. They will even have women paying for these dates, so if you want someone like that in charge, then there you go. Click here to check out Ohlala website.

3. Millionaire Match

Want to meet hot millionaires and get paid to go on dates? Well, this is a good site for it. It has almost 5 million members on it alone, and since the year 2001, it’s been able to help people find rich people to hook up and date.

The cool thing about this is that it actually may have celebrities or even other rich people too.

Again, this company has paid $25+ million to members:

The catch: it is $70 a month, or $35 for 6 months, so it can be a bit pricey, especially compared to other dating sites. You can check out Millionaire Match website.

4. Dating Rich Girls

This is another site to get paid to go on dates; one thing I love about this website is that it acknowledges that it can be hard to find the right and true matches.

They do actually offer a screening service that lets you reject along with accept dates. This is based off financial status and the photos you put up.

You can also screen this too if you’d like to date specifically rich women.

They also do verify millionaires here, so they aren’t necessarily lying.

They do have a free version too, but the one thing is that this is a bit of a club sort of thing, so if you don’t pass, you’re not really allowed back in. Click here to check out Dating Rich Girls website.

5. ProDate

This is another one that lets you set up dates with others, and you actually can set a price for how much you cost to date.

If you can make it work, you can set it at a high price, and you also can keep all of the fees.

This is good if you’re willing to put yourself out there, and it can be a good way for you to possibly get the person that you’re looking for. Click here to check out ProDate website.

6. Secret Benefits

This is another site to get paid to go on dates, is for both men and women to find rich women on there.

This is pretty great because you can say straight up what you want out of the relationship, and they encourage you to be open about what it is that you want.

They want to make sure that both parties are good with the arrangement, so nothing will move past the speaking stage until both of you have mutually agreed on what kind of relationship you want.

The beauty is that it allows for you to build the relationships that you want, the way that you want them. Click here to check out Secret Benefits website.

7. CougarLife

CougarLife is one of the best sites to get paid to go on dates. This is a site that does connect you to cougars, so if you want to date rich cougars, this is the site for you.

It does want confident and energetic people, especially men for these cougars to date, but they also do have options for women too.

This is a bit expensive though, with a $40 registration fee.

But it does take about 5 minutes to sign up, and if you want to play the field and get paid to date rich women, this is a good way too. Click here to check out CougarLife website.

8. My Bunny Date

The last on my list of platforms to get paid to go on dates is MyBunnyDate. This one also has a pretty substantial collection of women who are rich, but also beautiful.

You want to create accounts with the name “gorgeous member” for the chance that you can get paid to date the rich women, who they call “generous members.”

With this, you do have to agree on a mutually-beneficial price for both of you.

Then, you can go on the date. The cool thing is that if you don’t want the money, you can also donate to charity. Click here to check out My Bunny Date website.

In Conclusion

Get paid to go on dates with rich women can be really fun, and a great way to connect with hot rich women and make some legit money online; it is important here to understand that these women needs love and care, defrauding them amounts to evil against them and against God.

If this is what you want to do, there are tons of ways to do this, and you’ll be amazed at the results that this gives you as well; but be honest and faithful.

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