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7 Top Business Ideas for Disabled Persons

It is no longer news that over 62 million adults in the US alone live with one form of disability or the other. It has become obvious that many companies would not want to employ disabled persons. With so much rejection here and there, it has become very necessary that disabled person find something to do which will earn them some money to cater for their needs. In this comprehensive article, I have listed and discussed in details the top 8 business ideas for disabled persons.

Are you hoping to expand his or her career possibilities, or looking for some profitable business ideas for disabled persons? Trust me; you have just landed in the right place. By starting a business of your own, you have automatically become your own boss, and now have a flexible work schedule, but much more that, you are no longer at the mercy of any employer whatsoever.

7 Business Ideas for Disabled Persons:

Below is our list of profitable business ideas for disabled persons that will afford you the opportunity to put your entrepreneurial vision and skills on the fast track to success!

1. Freelance Writing

The first on my listed top 8 business ideas for disabled persons is freelance writing. In this age of competitive digital marketing and social media, there are ample opportunities for creative and skilled writers who can connect to any kind of audience with their articles. For instance, in the US alone, employment of skilled authors and writers is set to be growing at the rate of about 10% yearly.

If you are good in writing and looking for avenue to earn from your writing skills, you should consider setting up a freelance writing business. To start your freelance writing business, you can create a blog or a website; join platforms like Fiverr, Upwork and other freelancing websites, set up an account on social media and networking platforms.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Barely 15 years old, affiliate marketing is one of the hottest segments of the advertising industry and used by 80% of leading businesses. Records shows that the affiliate marketing industry worth over $6 billion and still growing, everyone including the disable has the opportunity to enter the market and do well.

3. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant is another profitable business idea for disabled persons. As at 20 years ago, this job didn’t even exist, thanks to new technologies now and the sharp increase in working remotely during the last Covid-19 pandemic, now, the virtual assistant industry is soaring daily. The virtual assistant industry is expected to be worth over $4 billion by the year 2025.

Please be quickly reminded that we are talking about humans and not a digitally or AI-powered assistants are designed to providing technical, administrative and creative services to clients via the internet remotely. Don;t miss reading Profitable 12 Business Ideas for Retirees

4. Online Resale

Apparel resale online has been a booming business for years, and will continue to thrive irrespective of economics situations. Apparel resale industry is expected to grow about 10 times faster than the overall clothing industry, and most of that growth is happening online. One major reason for the booming of this industry is the fact that it sources its goods domestically and as a result it is not facing the same supply chain issues as major retailers.

One major option to capitalize on in reselling your goods is online marketplaces like Amazon, Etsy and eBay. Another is to create your own resale website, and the advantage of setting up your own website is that you will now be able to express your own sense of style and build your own brand; however, it comes with added expense.

5. Graphic Design

The 5th on my list of business ideas for disabled persons is graphic designing. Captivating logo design is a primary element of almost every business’s branding and marketing strategy, for this and many other reasons, graphic designers are always in high demand these days. Currently, the US graphic design industry is worth over $14 billion.

This offers real opportunity for someone like you and any other person out there. Disabled persons can start their own graphic design business from the comfort of their home and still work with clients around the world, become their own boss and earn good money for themselves.

6. Cell Phone Repair

Number 6 on my list of profitable business ideas for disabled persons is cell phone repairs. It might interest you to know that a minimum of 10 Smartphone screen breaks every second in the US and also in your country says a cell phone repair company. It is also on record that not every Smartphone user can afford to toss their damaged smartphones and buy a new one. For this reason, the cell phone repair industry has continued to flourish thereby earning about $5 billion a year. If you are not skilled at fixing cell phones, you can go and learn it and then have a chance to setting up your own business.

7. Bookkeeping

The last but not the least on my list of profitable business ideas for disabled persons is booking. You may probably be thinking that accountants and bookkeepers do largely the same work; that is not true; bookkeepers perform the minute recording of daily financial transactions, while accountants use data from bookkeepers to create financial statements and review a company’s financial standing. In fact, the work of a bookkeeper is very crucial to the financial stability of any organization, it is a $55 billion still growing industry and this is the reason the US is a custodian of over 1.5 million bookkeepers.

If you are somebody that is good with numbers and hard working, you should consider starting your own bookkeeping business and grab a share of that huge market while helping countless companies keep better track of their financial records. Now, read also best 13 business ideas for undergraduates students.

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