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20 Jobs That Will Be In High Demand In The Future

In these digital days, the development of constant technology is probably the most important factor that is affecting the relevance of certain jobs. You will agree with me that with the arrival of AI, things have become more complicated for many. Artificial intelligence as it were, is a new field whose limits have not been found yet. Although we cannot guarantee what will happen in the nearest future. However, no matter what AI can do and change in the world of jobs security, here are 20 jobs that will be high in demand in the future.

20 Jobs That Will Be In High Demand In The Future:

1. Software Development

The first on my list of jobs that will be high in demand in the future is software development. This is currently a very popular and lucrative job and pays well from the field of IT (Information Technology). But being an app developer will still be in high demand in the future. Many more new technologies are being developed which will need programs, code lines and instructions that allow them to function properly. This is why studying titles in computer science is one of the right choices for the future.

2. Cartoonist

Number two on my list of job that will be high in demand in the future is cartoonist. Cartoons are mere form of expression. Cartoons convey a lot of information with very few words. For instance, cartoons add a special value to magazines and newspapers. That is why, despite progress in photography and animation technology, cartoons will still have their own place in newspapers.

Additionally, the need for cartoons for entertaining children and keeping them calm in the home cannot be replaced by any other means.

3. Counseling

Even though many people remain confused about the true meaning, purpose and intention, it has been proven time and again that counseling is one of the biggest aid professions on earth. It is most likely that the practice of offering profitable suggestions and advice to others will always occur in several ways in human society.

As humans, we are relational creatures that experience various emotions, feelings and thoughts, and have an innate desire to avoid suffering and live a peaceful and abundant life. At present, one in every five American adults for instance has mental health conditions; according to research by Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP), this condition can be treated effectively.

4. Scientists

Another job that will be high in demand in the future is that of a scientist. Becoming an AI scientist is one of the ways to advance technology and make people’s lives easier, happier, secured, healthier and safer; these and many others will ever remain the most needs of mankind as long as he lives on earth.

One very good thing about this field is that it is almost unlimited. We don’t know how far we can go or how much we can achieve with AI. Think of it as having the opportunity to make a major contribution to humanity and the future at large.

5. Bio-Technology Expert

Bio-Tech Experts is another job that will be high in demand in the future. Even though there are various jobs in the field of biotechnology, you will generally work with sophisticated tools such as fixing technical issues, solving biological problems or developing new products and so on. Whether you modify the genetic order or produce a new medical solution, the truth remains that you will not be bored.

6. Business Analyst

The sixth job that will be high in demand in the future is business analyst. The fact companies will not go anywhere in the near future; the job of a business analyst will remain in high demand in the future. You will become a bridge between departments, analyze data, produce solutions and evaluate various project implementations.

7. Nurse

Being a registered nurse and caring for other humans involves more than just medical knowledge. To work in a health care department, you need to have empathy, understanding, and mental and emotional strength. This is clearly not an easy job because of its great responsibility, but that is one for the future.

8. Psychotherapist

More and more people find that after earning a living and achieving their goals, there is still something in them that remains not fulfilled. There is a desire to find something more and often psychotherapist is people who help people contact this aspect and find ways to succeed in expressing it in the world.

9. 3D Architects/Engineers

In the engineering, architecture and urbanism sectors, it is possible to project space in 3D, and that is why professionals must be specialized in this field to provide more realistic experiences to their customers.

10. Wearable Developer

By wearable, I mean things like glasses, lens, watches and other devices with different types of technologies that make people’s lives easier.

And professionals who can develop these devices will be in great demand in the next few years.

11. Online Teacher

The main trend in future professions is online teaching. And the teachers have begun to pay attention to the potential of online classes, which allow them to reach more students.

This is a trump card for professionals who want to develop their business to spread knowledge. The online course market is increasingly special and disseminated.

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12. Coaching

A coach is a professional who helps others advance in various fields of their lives, but especially their professional careers.

There are trainers in all types of fields, such as finance, romance, emotional intelligence, weight loss, spirituality, etc.

For those who want to become a coach, there are courses for this special profession, teaching techniques, and tools to help clients in the future.

13. Professional Digital Marketer

Although this is an old profession, this professional has gained a lot of space in the online world, which causes specialization in this career to focus on the internet.

14. Talent Manager

Managing talent beyond what human resources do today. It is important to identify and act more firmly on people’s strengths and weaknesses, to enable them to become better professionals in their careers.

A talent manager, in addition to training professionals to improve their skills, act in recruiting new employees while helping to keep the company’s culture strong and reduce turnover.

15. Community Manager

This professional is responsible for dealing with customers and the community around the company, gathering opinions to improve the business and position of the company with these people.

Some companies already have people in this position, which will definitely develop in the next few years. This is an important role in the organization, because those who build culture around the company create brand fans.

16. Environmental Engineer

The environment has suffered drastic changes, and this profession will be very important among future work.

The main responsibility of this professional is to work with technology and the environment. The need to create new environmental management systems and solutions to help the planet is undeniable.

17. Hospital Engineer

Another of the 20 jobs that will be high in demand in the future is hospital engineering. Technology in hospitals has also been developed and new machines are developed for new care, operations, and daily life of health professionals. That is why hospital engineers must be between works in the future.

And that is why we have hospital engineers in the list of future professions. Their main role is to collect and apply all technologies that are considered important to solve all types of problems in the hospital.

18. Information Security

This will be a professional who ensures that all digital information from certain companies is not damaged or hacked.

As long as technology has grown, evil intentions have also grown online alongside. Unfortunately, some people came out to steal data from people and companies. Information security professionals not only ensure that data is protected but also helps create new solutions.

19. Waste Manager

Residue production has increased rapidly, especially solid ones, which have caused the need to manage this problem.

A waste manager needs to look at garbage differently, creating new projects and solutions to find better ways to handle all the material being discarded.

20. Large Data Analyst

The last but not the least on my list of 20 jobs that will be high in demand in the future is large data analyst. This professional analyzes all data originating from the system or circulating online. They use data science to show what companies will affect their business now and in the future.

The digital world is very dependent on data to analyze and improve the process. That is why the role of large data analysts has emerged and in high demand.

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