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16 Business Ideas for Children with Little or No Investment

Let’s discuss ways for children to earn money. The reality is that raising children can be costly. They frequently desire the latest and most popular items on the market, and they outgrow things quickly. In this article, I am sharing with you 16 profitable business ideas for children with little to no investment that can be started anywhere.

Encouraging your child to earn money will not only help with expenses but also teach them the value of a dollar. Earning money as a child can have a positive impact on their financial habits for the rest of their lives. For instance, learning to delay gratification and save money. It is no surprise that 83% of parents with children between 8-16 wish their children could make some money for themselves at their tender age; well, I have good-news for parents, just read on.You will be very glad to read 25 best profitable business ideas for Christmas season you never imagined.

Here are 16 Business Ideas for Children:

1. Do household chores

The simplest approach for children to earn money is by doing household chores. Start by having your child make a list of tasks they can do to earn money. You may also set a price for specific chores like taking out the trash or vacuuming the living room.

In addition to regular chores, children can earn extra money by doing more demanding tasks like cleaning the garage or mowing the lawn.

This motivates children to complete chores they might not ordinarily enjoy, such as washing cars or cleaning the bathroom. By doing household chores, children learn responsibility, the value of hard work, and important life skills like time management and organization.

2. Help neighbors with yard work

Yard work is a never-ending job, regardless of the season. From pulling weeds and picking up after pets to planting gardens and raking leaves, there is a lot of physical labor involved. As a result, many people are willing to pay someone else to do the work for them.

Encourage your child to ask your neighbors if they need assistance. During the winter, children can earn money by shoveling snowy driveways and sidewalks.

3. Clean and detail cars

Cleaning and detailing cars is a great job for children. It’s not a good idea to have them work near a busy street, but they can go door-to-door to your neighbors or ask your friends and family for customers.
To encourage your child’s entrepreneurial spirit, suggest expanding their business to include other vehicles like RVs and campers.

They may not need to do a thorough wash for every job. Instead, they can clean the interior, vacuum, wipe down surfaces, dispose of trash, and do other similar tasks.

Children can clean RVs and campers for RVers who travel frequently or use their campers seasonally, such as in the summer. Your child may need help with supplies and figuring out what to charge per vehicle.

4. Babysit for local families

Preteens and teenagers can make money by babysitting. Most likely, there are families in your community looking for reliable babysitters on occasion. Coming from a large family, my siblings and I were able to babysit our cousins quite frequently.

Taking a child care and safety course is not required. But this could help your child make themselves more marketable.

In the U.S., babysitters earn an average hourly rate of $18.50, according to Sittercity data. Hourly rates, however, can vary considerably from place to place, from the cost of living to minimum wage laws in your state

5. Pet sit or walk dogs

Do you have a child who loves animals? There are tons of benefits to dog walking and pet sitting. For example, they could make money, get free cuddles, and spend time in fresh air and sunshine without having to commit to long-term pet ownership.

Depending on the age of your child, supervision may be needed. Don’t know where to begin? Outside of neighbors, friends, and family, the easiest way to earn money is to use Rover.

6. Organizing and holding a garage/yard sale

Children can earn extra cash while decluttering their bedrooms. The first step in the process is to help your child determine what is worth selling by going through their belongings. From there, they can begin pricing items and planning the sale.

If you have a large yard, your child can hold the sale at your house. With your assistance, they can also rent a space at a flea market or join a community garage sale if they do not have a space. Additionally, you can help them promote the sale on social media and distribute flyers around the neighborhood.

As a bonus, children can learn important marketing and customer service skills by running a garage sale. Besides learning how to handle money, they’ll also learn how to make changes, like having a rain date for sale.

7. Give a senior a helping hand

There are some older people who don’t have much support from family and friends and could use some assistance. Offering to do small chores around the house or running errands for elderly people in your community is an easy way for your child to be of assistance. Your elderly neighbors will appreciate the gesture, and it may lessen their loneliness.

I used to do this for my grandparents. When I was younger, I would mow their lawn. Later on, I would take them to doctor’s appointments or the grocery store. For me, it wasn’t about the money. Rather, it was a chance to spend time with them.

8. Set up a lemonade or a hot chocolate stand

A great way for children to earn money during the warmer months is by selling a refreshing glass of lemonade. In the cooler months, they can sell hot chocolate. Let your child set up a table and chairs in your front yard to get started. In order to attract customers, posters or streamers can be displayed on the stand.

The prices of your child’s lemonade or hot chocolate should be listed on a sign. In addition to free refills, they can also offer customers cupcakes. To attract customers, your child can post flyers on social media or distribute them in the neighborhood, just like a garage sale.

A sign explaining why your child wants to earn money might also help with setting up the stand. It could be that they are saving money for a trip or a special value, like new soccer cleats. When people believe that a product will help a child achieve a certain objective, they will purchase it from them.

9. Sell baked goods

Selling baked is another good venture on our list of business Ideas for children. Who doesn’t love homemade brownies, cupcakes, or cookies? By hosting a bake sale, you can accomplish three things:

• Yummy baked goods
• Money
• Making memories with your children

You can also find fun recipes online if you do not have any family recipes to share with your children.

10. Caretaker for out-of-town neighbors

Even if they don’t have pets, your kid can help out-of-town members of the community. While neighbors are away, they can collect mail and newspapers, water plants, and take care of trash cans on garbage day.

Aside from making some cash, this is a great way to teach your child responsibility.

11. Tutoring

Why doesn’t your child tutor others if they’re skilled in one or more? Besides helping others, they can make some decent money.

To get started, have them ask their classmates or family members if they need assistance. If they want to post leaflets in schools, libraries, and coffee shops, make sure the leaflets are approved first.

Math, in particular, can be profitable. According to Care, tutoring prices are $15-$50 per hour for high school students.

12. Recycle bottles and cans

Does your state have a bottle deposit law? If so, your child can earn money by recycling bottles and cans. Besides collecting bottles and cans from your home, they can also collect them from local businesses and neighbors. To get paid, they can take the collected items to a recycling center after they have a sufficient amount.

While recycling doesn’t bring in much money, it is an excellent way to teach children about environmentalism. Using sites like InkRecycling.com and TonerBuyer.com, they can also make money collecting empty printer cartridges from local businesses, friends, and relatives.

13. Perform at events or teach music lessons

Is your child talented in music? Why not encourage them to share their talent with others?

In addition to teaching other students after school or on weekends, they can perform with community groups at local events.

14. Work at the family business

Working in the family business is another business Ideas for children. Your children can earn money while also learning about running a business if you own a business. A child can assist in a family business by answering phones, filing paperwork, or stocking shelves.

You can assign your child work based on their age and the type of business you own. You may be able to allow your child to take on managerial duties, such as handling customer complaints or training new employees, if they are old enough.

Children can learn about the different aspects of running a company by working in the family business, like bookkeeping or customer service. Also, they’ll learn how to manage time, be responsible, and work with others.

15. Work part-time

Depending on their age, teenagers can work part-time jobs around their school schedules. Encourage them to look for shifts during the weekend or evening especially during their summer break.

YMCAs, movie theaters, libraries, frozen yogurt shops, and other retail and service industry jobs are perfect places for adolescents to start earning a steady income.

16. Use Next-door to find local gigs

Social networking groups can be useful for finding work in your area if your child is allowed. As an example, through Next-door, teens 13 years and older can offer services such as babysitting, dog walking, and lawn mowing. Are you brainstorming for a business you can start, or you have tried several businesses that you did not succeed in? here is how to chose the business that is right for you and thrive.

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