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14 Companies That Accept Bitcoin and Crypto Payments

In this comprehensive article, we delve into the world of cryptocurrency and highlight several prominent companies that have embraced the acceptance of crypto payments. We therefore present you with a list of 14 major companies that currently accept crypto payments which is a testimony to the widespread adoption of this alternative form of currency.

With the increasing fascination among investors these days, the crypto industry has experienced exponential growth and consistently achieving double-digit figures year after year. This surge in popularity can be attributed to the rising number of individuals who are captivated by the potential of cryptocurrencies. Check out these 12 profit yielding crypto trading strategies you need to know about.

Astoundingly, there are already over 50,000 businesses worldwide that have recognized the value of accepting cryptocurrencies as a valid means of transaction. This widespread acceptance has piqued the interest of numerous investors who are keen to explore the vast opportunities presented by cryptocurrencies.

Additionally, an intriguing statistic indicates that the number of crypto users worldwide is projected to increase exponentially in the coming years. In fact, it is estimated that the number of active crypto users reached an all-time high of 106 million in 2021 with further growth anticipated in the near future.

Such figures solidify the notion that cryptocurrencies are gaining mainstream recognition and acceptance as a viable form of digital currency. In light of this growing trend, businesses across various industries are taking proactive measures to tap into the crypto market and leverage its potential for financial gain. This inclination arises from the realization that many crypto enthusiasts find using their preferred digital currency to be a secure and efficient payment method.

As we delve deeper into the topic, we also present a compelling list of 10 industries that are expected to undergo significant transformation through the integration of blockchain technology. These industries will experience unprecedented shifts; catalyzed by the inherent features and advantages that blockchain brings to the table.

The rising number of businesses and companies that accept crypto payments reflects the increasing trust and recognition bestowed upon cryptocurrencies as a legitimate form of transaction. The remarkable growth of the crypto industry, coupled with its expanding user base, serves as a strong indication of the bright future that lies ahead for cryptocurrencies and their integration into various sectors.

Below are 14 Companies That Accept Crypto Payments:

1. AT&T

The first on our list of major companies that accept crypto payments is A&T. In 2019, AT&T made headlines as the first major American telecommunications company to embrace the world of cryptocurrencies. Recognizing the growing popularity and demand for digital currencies, AT&T enabled its customers to pay their bills online using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and several other cryptocurrencies. To facilitate these transactions seamlessly, AT&T partnered with BitPay, a reputable Bitcoin payment service provider widely utilized by many merchants in the crypto space.

2. AMC

In a bold move towards embracing the digital revolution, AMC movie theaters announced in November 2021 that they would start accepting cryptocurrency payments for movie tickets. This decision allowed customers to enjoy the convenience of purchasing tickets online and selecting cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin as their preferred payment method. AMC CEO Adam Aron took to social media platform Twitter to share the exciting news and also hinted at the upcoming support for the popular cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

3. CheapAir

Well ahead of the curve, CheapAir, the budget travel agency, demonstrated its forward-thinking approach by becoming an early adopter of cryptocurrencies. As far back as 2013, CheapAir started accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment for flight tickets, marking a significant milestone in the travel industry.

Expanding their cryptocurrency acceptance even further, CheapAir now welcomes other popular digital currencies like Ethereum and Dogecoin, as well as stablecoins such as USDC, DAI, and GUSD. This inclusive approach allows customers to book both flights and hotels using the cryptocurrency of their choice, providing them with greater flexibility and convenience.

4. Microsoft

One of the world’s largest technology companies, Microsoft, has embraced cryptocurrencies by allowing customers to make crypto payments for products purchased through its Microsoft Store. Whether you’re looking for games for Xbox, desktop applications, or even music, Microsoft has made it possible to complete your purchase using crypto.

To facilitate these transactions, Microsoft has partnered with BitPay, a leading cryptocurrency payment processor. This collaboration enables Microsoft to accept various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, GUSD, and more. By supporting crypto payments, Microsoft demonstrates its dedication to staying at the forefront of technological advancements and catering to the evolving preferences of its customers.

5. Newegg.com

Newegg.com is one of the companies that accept crypto payments. It is a popular online retailer specializing in electronics and computer parts, has recognized the growing interest in cryptocurrencies among its tech-savvy customer base. To meet their demands, Newegg.com has partnered with BitPay to enable crypto payments for all products available on their website.

Whether you’re purchasing computer components, consumer electronics, or any other tech-related item, you can now complete your transaction using cryptocurrencies. Newegg.com supports a variety of crypto payment options, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and more.

By embracing crypto payments, Newegg.com solidifies its position as a go-to destination for tech enthusiasts who value the convenience and security offered by cryptocurrencies.

6. Overstock.com

Overstock.com, a well-known online retailer specializing in furniture and home decor, has emerged as an unexpected advocate for cryptocurrencies. Since 2014, Overstock.com has been accepting crypto payments for purchases made on their website.

In 2017, the company strengthened its commitment to cryptocurrencies by partnering with ShapeShift, a prominent crypto exchange. This partnership allowed customers to choose crypto as a payment method during the checkout process. Overstock.com supports various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, and more.

The CEO and founder of Overstock, Patrick M. Byrne, expressed the company’s pro-crypto stance by emphasizing the importance of individual freedom and the ability to transact without relying solely on government-controlled fiat currencies. By embracing cryptocurrencies, Overstock.com offers its customers alternative payment options while championing the principles of freedom and decentralization.

7. Rakuten

Rakuten, a prominent e-commerce company based in Japan, made a significant move towards embracing cryptocurrency payments in 2019. This forward-thinking company allows its customers to utilize popular digital currencies such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum for transactions on its online platforms and also at physical retailers through its Rakuten Pay service. By accepting cryptocurrency payments, Rakuten aims to offer its customers greater flexibility and convenience in their shopping experiences.

8. PayPal

PayPal, a leading online payment software, has been actively exploring the world of cryptocurrencies in recent years. Users can now buy, sell, and hold cryptocurrencies directly within the PayPal app, expanding the platform’s offerings beyond traditional financial instruments. Additionally, PayPal enables customers to pay with cryptocurrencies at checkout on merchant websites that accept PayPal as a payment method. The cryptocurrencies supported on the platform include Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ethereum.

9. Starbucks

In a notable development, the renowned coffee giant Starbucks joined the cryptocurrency wave and started accepting digital currencies as a form of payment in 2021. Starbucks customers can now use Bitcoin and Ethereum to load their Starbucks digital cards with funds, which they can subsequently utilize to make purchases at any Starbucks store.

This initiative aligns with Starbucks’ commitment to embracing innovative technologies and providing its patrons with diverse payment options. Furthermore, in 2022, Starbucks expanded its foray into the cryptocurrency realm by introducing the “Odyssey” NFT loyalty program exclusively for selected customers, further strengthening its ties to the crypto community.

10. Tesla

The charismatic CEO and co-founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, have been known for his fascination with cryptocurrencies. In 2021, Tesla made headlines by becoming one of the first major automobile manufacturers to accept Bitcoin as a valid form of payment for their electric vehicles. However, this payment option was suspended shortly after its implementation.

Nonetheless, Tesla continued its cryptocurrency venture by adopting Dogecoin, albeit for a different purpose. Instead of accepting Dogecoin for car purchases, Tesla now allows customers to utilize the popular meme-inspired cryptocurrency for select items available in their online store. This move signifies Tesla’s ongoing interest in exploring the potential applications of cryptocurrencies within their business model.

11. Time Magazine

As a well-established and longstanding publication, Time Magazine has recognized the importance of embracing modern payment methods. To align with the advancements of the 21st century, Time Magazine decided to accept cryptocurrency payments for its magazine subscriptions.

To facilitate this process, Time Magazine partnered with the reputable Crypto.com exchange. Customers utilizing the Crypto.com Pay service can now conveniently utilize their digital assets to make payments directly on Time Magazine’s website. This collaboration demonstrates Time Magazine’s willingness to adapt to evolving consumer preferences and cater to a broader audience interested in cryptocurrencies.

12. Twitch

Twitch, the popular online streaming platform owned by Amazon, has been at the forefront of crypto adoption for quite some time. In fact, Twitch began accepting cryptocurrency payments as early as 2014, showcasing its innovative approach to the evolving digital landscape.

Although there was a temporary suspension of crypto payments in 2019, Twitch currently supports a diverse range of over a dozen cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin. To make payments using cryptocurrency for Twitch services, users are required to create a BitPay account, which allows for seamless and secure transactions.

By integrating cryptocurrencies into their platform, Twitch demonstrates its commitment to providing alternative payment options to its content creators and viewers alike, fostering a more inclusive and technologically progressive community.

13. Dish Network

Dish Network, a leading TV and internet service provider, has embraced the world of cryptocurrencies. Now, subscribers have the option to pay their cable and internet bills using crypto. This forward-thinking company supports both Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment options for various services, including monthly cable subscriptions, internet packages, and even pay-per-view movies and events.

By accepting cryptocurrencies, Dish Network provides its customers with more flexibility and convenience in managing their payments.

14. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is another company that accept crypto payments. ExpressVPN is a renowned provider of “virtual private network” (VPN) services, offering users enhanced online privacy and security by masking their IP addresses. Given the rising demand for privacy-focused solutions, it’s not surprising that ExpressVPN has been accepting cryptocurrencies since 2014.

Customers can seamlessly pay for their VPN services using crypto directly through ExpressVPN’s website. The company supports a range of popular cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, USDC, BUSD, PAX, and GUSD.

By integrating crypto payments into their platform, ExpressVPN caters to the preferences of cryptocurrency enthusiasts and further strengthens its commitment to user privacy.

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